November 22, 2011

Let's get real here

I love my kids. I love my family. I love my country. But here's what I really love: 

The lock on my bathroom door. My kids would sit on my lap if I let them.
And on a related note, The small space under the locked bathroom door. When I have both kids pleading for my attention, cheeks pressed against the door and tears pooling on the floor, I can slip them a National Geographic opened to a photo of a mummified ice man's remains or a slaughtered reindeer on a kitchen table. And then they get really quiet.

Mom Tax. Want fruit snacks? Mom Tax says I get to steal one. Want chocolate milk? Mom Tax says I get the first sip. Want a TV show? Mom Tax says I get a big kiss and hug first.

The BOLD setting on my coffeemaker.

Soft, snug-fitting toddler jammies. There is nothing better than carrying around and snuggling with a monkey-limbed pencil topper. (Does anyone else remember these?)

Sweet red wine. You can sip and look sophisticated, and no one knows you're really drinking the taste-equivalent of Welch's grape juice...until they discover your bottle in the fridge and laugh at you. But you don't care because it's so delicious...and you're already one glass in.

Rob also loves his kids, his family, his country. But here is what he answered when I asked him for his real "I'm thankful for" items:

The cool side of my pillow in the summer.

[I was a little concerned about the boringness of his upcoming list at this point. I needn't have worried]

Small, furry rodents.

Double-fried fries. [At my puzzled look, he explained, "You know, that ones that accidentally stay in the frier for an extra round and come out all brown and delicious?" At which point I thought, Shoot. I totally should have added that one to MY list. Along with spicy brats. And then all thoughts were interrupted by his last thankful item.]

Holding your ultra-soft and fluffy cat with your shirt off.

There are no words.



Cyndi said...

Ow! My ribs are hurting from holding in the laughter - trying to keep from interrupting Tim's conference call with my bursts of cackles!

Cyndi said...

...though I totally get it.

cobandrob said...

Cyndi, if FB snooping serves me right, I have a feeling the "get it" part was directed at the fluffy cat snuggling...