Things I am:

1. A person named Jacoba who is unfortunately referred to as Cob (à la corn on the cob) by her husband.

2. A Wisconsin-bred woman who pronounces Wisconsin as "Wis-cahn-sin" and vaguely as "vay-glee" and cheese curds as "the manna of life."

3. A resident of Texas who won't call herself Texan. I also refuse to call Dr. Pepper coke because it's POP, people.

4. A full-time stay at home mom, part-time homeschool teacher, and no-time house cleaner.

5. A mother to two children, Jannika & Silas, and wife to a strange man named Rob who is quirky and loves fluffy rodents. And the word fluffy.

6. A true renaissance woman who can paint, draw, play the piano, sing, sew and play badminton...all of which not well enough to make me useful...or make me actually good at anything...

7. A thrift store junkie.

8. A cleaner of cat vomit piles. Although not by trade. Or choice.

9. A lover of hyperbole, the words crap and sucks, and Jesus. It's a weird mix, and I tend to scare everyone south of the Mason-Dixon line when I start talking about evolution and God in the same sentence.

10. A contributor to Families in the Loop and a boss of this blog (<--conveniently linked for you in case you're completely bemused and lost at this point).

If you'd like to send me an email, you can reach me at ayankeemomintexas (at) gmail (dot) com.
(If you're weird and scary, I can't promise I won't email you a photo of cat vomit in retaliation.)
(If you're looking to donate money to my children's future therapy fund, I'll gladly accept it.)
(If you'd like to offer Rob condolences for his marriage partner choice, I'll forward it on to him.)


1 comment:

Dillon Davis said...

So,you're from Wis-con-sin. That's a long way from OK.Thanks for all the info. You sound fairly normal, except you might want to work 0n #9
Also funny. Another Irma Bombeck (or whatever her name is.