March 14, 2012

The Beard

This year's Daddy Daughter Dance theme was Beauty and the Beast. Surprisingly, it wasn't inspired by Rob's beard.
This month there's been a stranger invading our marriage. A third party in our bed. A lurking presence snuggling with us on the couch.

The Beard.

The Beard arrived suddenly - one day it was merely a 5 o'clock shadow. The next, a fluffy, much-admired entity.

The Beard was amused when people likened Rob to an Alaskan fisherman, and it took pleasure when I laughed and gave it a fond scratch. However, The Beard was not long for this world. Alas, it wasn't The Beard's unkempt look or crumb-catching abilities that did it in; it was its sun-blocking presence. Yes, Rob was worried The Beard would give him a strange face tan. Of all things.

The Beard faced an agonizing slow death this week, for if Rob does something, he often does it with flourish.

And then the kids giggled at Rob for a while (and pointed and laughed) while I placed my wedding ring back on my finger. And The Beard, cast off and alone in the trash, wept.


Kjsytsma said...

What was that Norwegian fishermen movie that Rob keeps talking about?!

cobandrob said...

 hahahaha! RIGHT?? Hilarious.