February 03, 2012

Color me crazy

With the 492821 drawings and art projects my kids produce a year, I had to create my own rigid set of criterion art projects had to fulfill in order to be deemed "scan and save" worthy. I know this is an issue with which many parents struggle, so to be of assistance, I have listed my five "saved from death in the recycle bin" categories.

1. Subjects so random they make me laugh

Uh, what? A penguin bringing a carrot to his friends, of course. (Jannika)
And this? A bird with ice cream on its head. (Jannika)
A brain. Complete with a medulla oblongata. (Jannika)
A whole lotta eyeballs. (Silas)

2. Titles that make me laugh
"Silas in a fine old forest" - drawn and titled by Silas, age 2 1/2
"Ladybug with some lantana, Black-eyed Susan, and bluebonnet flowers" - drawn and titled by Jannika, botany professor extrodinaire, age 4 1/2

3. Skills that make me laugh
Someone using a net to catch a dinosaur more horrific than the stomach-bursting creature in Alien. Ridley Scott, take note. (Jannika)
Dad. Making contact with his evil-eyed Amish roots, perhaps? (Jannika)
Um................ (Silas)

4. Artwork that shows some promise of future talent (just in case it turns out not to be a fluke in 10 years)

Cat, dragonfly, panda. (Jannika, 4 1/2 years)
Rubber ducky. (Jannika, 4 1/2 years)
Pig. (Silas, 2 years)
Ghost. (Silas, 2 years)
Hand. (Jannika, 4 1/2 years)
And the best category of all...
5. Rob's Drawings
Portraits of Kayla and me. (I think?)
And Mother's Day 2009 - from Rob, to me. The best card ever given. By anyone.

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