December 21, 2011

Rob Folds Laundry, Part Deux

Rob and I in the closet, hanging up and folding our laundry last night:

Rob, holding up a pair of skinny jeans: Whose are these??

Me: Mine. They go right up there.

Rob, looking from my body to the jeans: These aren't really yours, are they?

Me, slowing in my clothes hanging: Yes, Rob. They are.

Rob, looking closely at the waist and legs as he folds them: They're just so.......tiny.......... 

Me, not hanging anymore. Just looking at him narrowly: ................

Rob, trying to redeem himself: And short. Yes, very short.

Me, reaching forward to tug on a section of the jeans: That's because you just folded them with the legs still halfway inside out.

Rob: Huh.

[Silent folding and hanging.]

Me: That was super.
Rob: Yep. Sorry about that.

[Silent folding and hanging.]

Rob, with a twinkle in his eye and holding up a pair of Silas' toddler pants that had been mistakenly caught up with our clothes: So these are yours, right?

Sometimes I'm annoyed he redeems himself so often. I'm even more annoyed I actually laughed. Stupid quirky charm...

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Dhpoel said...

Well, I don't know about the division of labour or mutual efforts in household dutires, but I suppose, because it'sTexas, you're closet is big enough to fold clothes in.  We do it on the kitchen island.