December 19, 2011

You say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too

Awesome things that happened on my birthday yesterday:

1. Rob the Husband handed me a gingerbread Starbucks latte while I was still in bed, and then he revealed a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, bagels, and a danish with a fantastically-large dollop of apricot goo. (Hello, effective subliminal messaging sent via blog posts!)

2. Rebel the New Cat (now being called Tuco) threw up on our carpet for the first time

...and the second time
...and the third time.

Just shoot me now.

3. Rob dragged (and I mean with intense force, me kicking and screaming) to watch a shirtless Jacob grace the screen for 0.2 seconds before we were subjected to two hours of awkward vampire honeymoon scenes, dorky dubbed-over wolf thoughts, and over-the-top shots of Bella's blood-residued teeth.

4. After an awesome dinner at P.F. Chang's where I consumed 493098 pounds of food, Rob asked if I wanted to swing into Marshalls on the way home.

I have no words.

There, I hit all the clearance sections and then tried on 16 pairs of the longest sweatpants on the rack, all of which were at least two inches too short. Then, suffering from "my husband brought me shopping and I almost bought a pair of sweatpants" shame, I bought a pair of underwear...reluctantly...because although it was on clearance, it was only knocked down $0.99.

5. To top it all off, Rob gave me the following gifts:

I know. Best husband ever.

(Oh. Side note: he also gave me a gorgeous James Avery glass bead necklace, but that was just to dress up the birthday cereal a bit.)

I am fully aware that gushy my-husband-is-awesome posts are gaggy, but really, my husband is awesome. (Okay, you can gag now. In fact, I will too, but only because I've eaten about 42 packages of Reece's today. New sweatpants, you'd be so comfortably not tight right now...sigh.)


Jennifer F. said...

I love gaggy, my-husband-is-awesome posts!  Husbands who are awesome ought to be recognized and set on display (and rewarded) to set the standard for future behavior and for the learning benefit of husbands over the world!  (Plus, if all wives gloat over their awesome husbands, husbands will start to compete, then we ALL benefit really.)  ;)  Glad you had a great b-day, and good job, Rob!

Danielle Chappell Hayward said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! As always, I'm loving your posts. I, too, believe in gushing as often as possible. Competition amongst the male species is welcomed regularly here...a little(or a lot of) friendly pressure followed by spousal affirmation only makes for healthy least that's what I'm telling myself.