November 11, 2011


We have a new addition to the family!

Our newly-planted magnolia!

And now all we're doing is fighting about her name.

My vote: MAGGIE
Doesn't it sound sturdy, dependable, and down-to-earth (uh, literally)? Maybe I'm influenced by Jannika's stuffed kangaroo named Kanga, her stuffed panda named Pandy, and her stuffed loon named Loony... But at least it's not Kayla's vote.

Kayla's vote: CREAMY
Kayla, once upon a time, had a hamster she named Creamy, much to the amusement of half our family and disgust of the other half. And then when Creamy died, another Creamy took her place. When all the real pets died, I believe there may have even been a stuffed animal that inherited the name. So now anytime anyone in the family buys a pet, the name Creamy is jokingly evoked each time. Except this time I'm not entirely sure she was joking.

Rob's vote: PONCHO
Rob is certain she's a boy (she's not), and since our house is close to Mexico (which it's not), the tree should be named after Rob's most favorite garment on the planet, his poncho. Sigh. This poncho has been a thorn in my side since its birth about 10 years ago when Rob bought it in Mexico. It smells like a wet goat and is the scratchiest thing (almost) alive...which means that when Rob wears it he smells like a goat and is the scratchiest thing alive. I told Rob he can keep his stinky name for the day we get a stinky dog.

Apparently Jannika's soaked up much more of the Native American history of this region than we thought - we didn't think she was paying much attention to anything but the flowers at our last visit to the Chickasaw Cultural Center when we were camping in Oklahoma. We were wrong.

Silas' vote: SILAS
...which just makes me laugh.

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Kjsytsma said...

How about Pierre? Pierre Magnol - the famous French botanist several hundred years ago who came up with the brilliant idea of placing plants into "families". Magnoliaceae - the Magnolia family - now honors him . . as does Magnoliophyta - the phylum of flowering plants. Give the botanist some credit.