August 04, 2011

"Boobies mom"

I have been laughing since the creation of this blog at the various keyword searches people have done to find themselves here. I have no clue who's reading my blog or who searches what (so stop sweating) - I just see a list of recent searches and how often they were performed.

Aside from the obvious variations of "a yankee mom in tx" (which indicate some intentionality, therefore eliciting no apology from me), there are also a large handful of people who have searched "blue-footed booby" or "roly-poly" and have found themselves here. And probably bewildered. And possibly feeling sorry for my husband.

And then there are the ones that make me laugh. Here are a few of my favorites:

"pee on mom" (and its sister, "mom pee"...which has brought someone here 20 times...)
"how many people own the clapper"
"texas moms wear scrunchies"
"a gene that makes you gain weight to look pregnant"
"32 and not married"
"attack hanging monkey in sleep"
"is booty a bad word"
"shaking a shaky egg"
"hot bottoms buns"
"a scrunchie that looks like poop"

 ...and today's gem, "boobies mom." Apparently this blog (or its subject matter...cough) is just that classy.

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