August 01, 2011

The Evolution of Rob

I'm posting this because it made Rob laugh, which is a feat in itself. Truly, he laughs so hard in parts of Three Amigos that there's always some wiped tears and hyperventilation, but will NOT laugh at my jokes (and will only laugh at my blog if he's in another room and thinks I'm not listening...). Thus, I present the front of my anniversary card to Rob, which I entitled "The Evolution of Rob."

Exhibit A (top left) - "High School Graduate Rob"...yes, that is a hair dryer...and a 4"-long chin puff...
Exhibit B (top middle) - "College Excess Rob" ...234987 hours of video games, 238974 beers, and 50 pounds later.
Exhibit C (top right) - "Real World Married Rob" ...when life was no longer fun.
Exhibit D (bottom left) - "Footloose, Kid-Free, and Once Again Slender Rob" ...aaaaand here you meet my camping nemeses, Green Stinky Mexican Poncho and Dude Shorts (a la Jeff Bridges).
Exhibit E (bottom middle) - "Proud owner of a Home and Kid Rob" ...what a responsible guy.
Exhibit F (bottom right) - "Return to His Texas Homeland and Brainwash His Two Kids with Anything Texas-Related Rob" ...Go Mavs!

It's hardly necessary to point out that the subtitle of this glorious piece of art is entitled "The Evolution of Rob's Hairline."

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