May 22, 2013

Lost in Translation

Scene: Rob (6'4") and I (6'0") smashed in a 2' x 4' space behind our washing machine where the temperature is somewhere around 140 degrees. Celsius. Rob has soaked through his shirt with sweat, and I'm bleeding from a cut acquired from inserting my arm/shoulder/torso 4 feet into the inside of our Samsung washer to reach the drain hose clamp. Frustrated to the point of screaming (at each other), we stop for a moment, and Rob looks over at the drain packaging and reads it aloud. And suddenly we're giggling like a pair of schoolboys in catechism class. Apparently someone's having a high-old time translating Korean to English in the obscenest way possible and getting paid to do it.

I'm laughing all over again inserting this photo.

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