October 03, 2012

Slacker or design phenom?

Remember Yeti in a Snowstorm? My fantastic painting I've slaved over since our 10-year anniversary...a year and three months ago?

Notice the intricate brushwork, the technical details, the compelling texture? The realism of both yeti and snowstorm?

Well, look at this swanky room featured on houzz.com - apparently I started a trend:

Laugh all you want when you enter my house. I'll laugh my way to the bank when I receive my independent design consultant check in the mail.

Someone even commented below it,
This bed, this bed, this bed and the idea of using two blank canvases above the bed is very interesting. The detail of the chandelier and the bench at the end. The richness of color! Agh! I would feel like I were in a grand hotel. I'll take one please!  **Granted, maliajade is the only person who commented on the canvas idea that I can see. Out of several hundred.

I'm just way ahead of all you design suckers.

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