September 08, 2011

Yeti in a Snowstorm

Our ten year (totally professional) anniversary shot!

So for our anniversary back in July, Rob got me this:
Hello, awesomeness.

And for our anniversary, I got Rob this:
Hello, theveryworstpresentever.

It did come with great promises of an oil-painted scene of his choosing. (Just to let you know I don't totally suck.) However, when we sat down to pick out one of his photographs, we started, well, bickering. I wanted a photo of somewhere we'd been together and loved - Pictured Rocks, perhaps, or Lake Superior Provincial Park. Rob wanted the very awesomest photo he'd taken of the very awesomest place he'd been...a photo taken on one of his guys-only trips where he took off for a weekend and I sulked at home with the kids. For a ten-year wedding anniversary present. (Am I the only one who sees the irony here? Rob did not.)

So after that great conversation (that may or may not have persisted into the next day), I decided to take matters into my own hands. Forget Rob - I was going to do what I wanted to do. Ahhhh, the sweet smell of love. So I went ahead and chose my inspiration photograph, got out my paints, prepped the canvas, etc., labored feverishly on it for a month and a half, and then hung it in our entryway.

And without further ado, I present my masterpiece dedicated to Rob:
I'm waffling between calling it White on White or Yeti in a Snowstorm. Nope, haven't even touched it (other than hanging it...which was a strange step in this process anyways - not sure why showcasing my procrastination seemed like such a great idea at some point, so it doesn't really count probably). OK, so maybe I am the worst wife ever. Regardless, it hangs in our entry like a white beacon reflecting the streetlamp outside (which, consequently, it does an admirable job at), and I don't even give it a second thought anymore. So here is my public statement of "I will paint a painting this month." There, Rob, you have my public admission of guilt and loving promise of a late-but-finished present. (Realistically, however, you may not see anything until October...or November...)


Anthony Sytsma said...

If it's his present, shouldn't he get to pick what you paint?  Otherwise its like a present to yourself....

cobandrob said...

I know. :(  I totally see that. Except I keep going back to the thought that  feel like it's more "commemorative" than "present" - my vision was something we could always see and think "Awww! That's our special place!" The photo I have picked out IS one of Rob's top favorites, just not THE top favorite. This is probably why I haven't started anything yet... I'm torn.

Nicole Dault said...

Don't listen to Anthony.  I'm TOTALLY with you on this one! :)

Keithandsandra said...

Hey I know....why don't you plan a new amazing trip to somewhere exotic, like say Nova Scotia!

cobandrob said...

There is some SERIOUS talk of WI and TX Sytsmas descending upon you all up there this coming summer. Like, I'd say we're looking at an 80% chance at the moment. The problem is, however, that your mom is no force to be compared with when it comes to Canada's coastline paintings. I'd just look at my sad canvas and consistently compare it to hers... :) Maybe we can find some photo in Maine on the way up.