March 05, 2012

Passport mug shot

So when Rob returned from a work-related "concrete conference" in Las Vegas (suuuuuure....), he brought back a neon orange Las Vegas County Jail shirt for the kids. And he thought it was hilarious. I, on the other hand, wasn't thoroughly convinced of the hilarity.

But I dressed Silas in it today, thinking, It's Monday - no school, no Bible study, no errands to run...I shouldn't get too many evil looks from the general public.

And then I went to the doctor and left the kids with Rob.

And Rob took the kids to get their passport photos taken.



Sandra said...

I don't know if the US will let you back in when you come to visit us this summer.  Canada of course has a sense of humor and will laugh.  You may just have to stay and live with us :).

cobandrob said...

 Hahahaha! They don't regulate delinquent-looking US kids like they do American TV programming? ;) We wouldn't have a chance otherwise... Can't wait to visit!