February 14, 2012

In case this blog left you with any doubt...

He even makes chile rellenos! While drinking wine! In sweatpants! (Be still my beating heart!)
Reasons I love my husband:

He reads books to the kids in foreign accents. Just because.

He either cooks dinner or does the dishes every single night.

He likes smelling our cats.

He peanut butters both slices of bread when he makes me a PB and honey sandwich.

He warms up my side of the bed on cold nights before I get in.

He makes me less boring.

He tells the kids a fantastical bedtime story every single night. AND brushes their teeth.

He loves salt almost as much as I do.

He knows that buying a coffeemaker (on clearance!) on date night makes the movie twice as enjoyable.

He's a handsome hunk of a man and sports excellent pectorals.

He never forgets to put vitamins by each plate at supper.

He writes me poems.

He bribes me with head scratches to sit with him on the couch during Dallas Mavs games.

He makes tasty mashed potatoes.

He occasionally laughs at my blog.

He only occasionally complains about me teasing him.

He mows the lawn in 100+ degree heat so I don't have to.

He folds and puts away laundry. Sometimes in the right spot.

He has THE cutest dimples.

He plans fantastic vacations and weekend getaways that make lasting family memories.

He dries his workout clothes on the tub before throwing them in the laundry bin.

He buys me flowers that are either artsy-fartsy or Minnesota Vikings colors.

He sits on the "sweating chair" (and not on the bed, the carpet, or the microsuede couch) after exercising. Or after taking out the trash.

He serenades me on the guitar while I paint.

He provides well-shaped-calf-muscle DNA into our family's gene pool.

He makes me laugh. Daily.

Happy Valentines Day, Rob. You are the sweetest guy any woman could have. Muah!

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