October 07, 2011

My dog ate my homework

So the following is a fake blog entry - it's basically a wordy excuse for why I have no real second blog entry for the week. So here it is: I've been painting since Wednesday. And before you're all proud that I actually started Rob's anniversary oil painting, let me tell you I haven't. It's still completely blank. And still hanging in our entryway like a fake entryway painting.

But the good news is that it's for a great cause. Each October our church gets somewhere around 1000 people out and in our surrounding neighborhoods to paint houses and install needed appliances and help with yard work, etc., etc. (We continue these projects throughout the year, but on a smaller scale.) This year we added a school to the list - right now as I type this there is a small army of church and community members painting almost the entire interior of an elementary school in our community. As hallway "decoration," the school gave a list of "Depth & Complexity" icons to turn into paintings. There are quite a few on the list, but I've managed to finish six so far (while also managing to feed my kids . . . occasionally . . .).

The, er, less-than-stellar icons I had to work with:

The six icons I've churned out thus far (using the requested black/white/gray/school blue for the soon-to-be-beige walls:

So there you have it, a hardly entertaining, unfunny blog entry that's pretty much a grand excuse for why I don't have an entertaining and funny blog entry.

If you're interested in helping out, or if you'd like information to start something in your own community, please visit the Building Community website right HERE.

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