October 13, 2011

Getting my nerd on

When Rob goes out of town, I celebrate by getting my nerd on. Not that I don't love being around Rob - I totally do. But while some wives bemoan a night (or three) away from their husbands, I get all giddy and excited and start acting like I'm in 10th grade again and spending the night alone for the first time.

So I make mental spreadsheets planning out the most effective way to maximize my nerd time.

Tonight's spreadsheet, if I were to actually waste time typing it out and perhaps add a few decorative colors, might look something like this:

Don't get me wrong - I love (love love) spending my evenings with Rob watching Terra Nova or Arrested Development while getting head massages and then snuggling in bed reading USA Today off my iPad together.

However, every once in a while I love eating a whole box of Good & Plenty and not sharing. And doing anything Jane Austen-related without Rob first gagging and then promptly drifting off to sleep as soon as I open my mouth to explain the extreme awesomeness of it all. And playing Zelda without someone sitting next to me and looking up online cheats that will reveal secret locations of heart containers (that I would have gotten without help, thankyouverymuch).

I have no excuse for the planned chocolate breaks however, as one may or may not consist of eating raw brownie batter...

Let the party start, folks. Woot woot!


Natasha Vandenberg said...

Haha! I may not plan out my evenings when Dan's away, but I do love doing WHATEVER I WANT and staying up late doing it (to which he complains because I always fall asleep watching TV at 10:30 when Dan's home)! Have FUN!

Sunny Joy said...

Sheesh. I wish I lived closer to you. I like the way your mind works. =)