September 11, 2011

One shot of NyQuil, please

The evolution of sleep in our house has gone something like this:

"Jannika, It's BEFORE 7am. Get your buns back in your bed - you're going to wake your brother!"...
"As long as Silas sleeps until 6:30, we're all good"...
"Good job, Sy-Guy! You made it until 6!"...
"My new plan, Rob: Silas wakes up at 5 or 5:15, I put him back to bed; post-5:30 is fair game for him"...

I hate my sleeping life right now.

In the midst of this, I have started randomly waking up at 2am and not falling asleep until sometimes almost 4am. So [doing quick math] that leaves me with all of, oh, 3-4 hours of sleep some nights. Because for some reason, when Silas used to wake up at 6, I could put on a TV show for him and still manage to crawl back into bed and catnap for a while. 4:45am? My body freaks out and goes into "What?? What'sgoingon? Arewegoingonatrip?? Isthereanearlyflighttocatch? Where'smycoffee???" mode. So I'm awake. And slightly crabby.

So why don't I just go to bed at 7:45pm to ensure at least 7 hours of sleep?
a) I am lame - I know this. I'm already wearing a robe over my clothes, securing my hair in my overnight scrunchie, eating Good & Plenty candies by the boxful, and working on a crossword puzzle some nights. (Rob never knew what he was signing up for when he married me - I just reek of bait and switch.) Can I really add a bedtime of 7-something to this list?
b) My non-kid time is golden. As in shiny, glowing, 24-carat gold golden. And necessary for my sanity and my marriage - even more than sleep is. (Although there may come a point where I find the precise moment those scales tip.)

Side note: In the midst of this sleeping shortage, however, guess who won the Best Husband Award this weekend? Rob the Husband. Yep, he let me sleep in until almost 8:30 two (yup, you heard me right - TWO) mornings in a row (and this included feeding the kids).

So I'm about to hit my 5-year NO SLEEP anniversary in October (which, consequently, will be Jannika's 5th birthday). I haven't decided whether I'm going to drink a rather large glass of wine or rather large tumbler of NyQuil. Both, perhaps. Cheers!

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