August 30, 2011

The freebie clothing flow

 So there's kind of a "freebie clothing flow" that happens within my immediate family, and you know who's at the bottom of the funnel? Me. (And this funnel includes my mom.)

This used to be acceptable in the days where everything was determined by size. It was easy - regardless of the style, I always got the longest and smallest stuff. And while I was getting thicker and having babies, Kendra was developing boring, healthy eating habits. And Jane was developing gigantism. And everyone was developing refined fashion styles...except me. I was developing more dramatic clothes mullets (see here if you require a definition) and more effective strategical uses for a "snot sweater" (you know, a sweater that you layer on top of your other clothes for the sole purpose of collecting kiddie snot, so when you remove it for a hot date at Meijer, voila! non-snotty clothes).

Now when things are too frumpy or boring for everyone else, my name is written on the sister-donation-bag.

So imagine my delight when I returned from Bible study this morning to find two large bags of my sister Kayla's cast-off clothes, not really put with the rest of the donation piles I've got going. No. Placed directly outside my bedroom door. My 18-year-old sister has now joined the ranks of "give Coby our crap (and she'll probably take it...and wear it...for the next 10 years)."

I should be appalled or ashamed or something. Instead I'm excited at the prospect of fishing out some stretched-out items out of her size-zero collection. Tighter shirts work wonderfully under my snot sweater - just the wardrobe overhaul I need for this coming winter. And to think that Rob jokingly refers to me as his "trophy wife" at times...sigh. The joke's on you, honey.

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