August 23, 2011


3:00pm - I was unloading the dishwasher and had this brain-breaking idea to put some soap in the trap to be ready for the next time. What a special treat for myself! I know. It's sad. For some moms, "doing things purely for ME" consists of kid-free shopping or spa days or having their groceries delivered. Mine centers around preparing the coffee pot for the next morning (whoa) - and now preloading soap into the dishwasher, I guess. I did buy myself a seriously cute Banana Republic shirt two weeks ago...from Goodwill. Does that even count?

3:01pm - In retrieving the soap, I notice the garbage bags and remember that I had been meaning to empty the vacuum canister (for about five days).

3:02pm - I bring a garbage bag upstairs and notice my hallway collection of light fixtures needing to be dealt with.

3:03pm - Considering the different configurations possible, I start rethinking the placement of most of the light fixtures in my house. Suddenly I realize I could just rotate fixtures around, spend no money, and vastly improve the placement of chandeliers and hanging lights. I take pictures, draft emails to family members asking for their opinions, and have an hour-long phone conversation with my mom.

4:00pm until 9:30pm - I remove six fixtures, fail to make dinner, ignore my kids, install four flush mount lights, eat a Rob-prepared meal, do some wrench-work to remove chain links, have a few fights with Rob that stem from my crabbiness from working with my arms above my head for hours at a time, install a chandelier, and install a hanging pendant light. And then I felt the sudden need to vacuum. And sweep. And wash the floors.

8:00am - Discovered I never actually put soap in the dishwasher trap yesterday - the dang thing ran for two hours this morning and came out with dirty dishes. Fail.

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