January 17, 2014

Flip the Nerd

Remember (way, waaaaay back in the olden days of the 80s) making little flip books of crudely-drawn parachute guys and exploding bombs? Where you'd mark every single side edge of your mom's 100-page note pad, and everyone would take phone messages for the next ten years on paper scarred by black Bic stick figures in various degrees of gory, red-marker-splattered death?

(Um, no? Just me?)

Er, regardless, I found a few flip-book-worthy photo series last night while I deleted all the gross pictures of me sorted and organized our holiday photos of my family in Wisconsin.

First, there was a somewhat jerky but heart-tugging set of Silas receiving a used and battered lightsaber from my little brother, which I'll call The Most Awkwardly Sweet Hug Ever series. (Go ahead, you can click on any one to see it better.)

Then we went sledding and birthed the Glass Slipper series:

And the Oh, Crap, Sledding is Way Scarier than I Remember It set:

Also the Man in the Iron Ski Mask photos:

And the Karma's a Witch set:

And, finally, along a somewhat related vein, a night of sub-zero Wisconsin temps produced the Rob the Husband Tries to Throw Boiling Water into the Air to Watch it Turn to Steam but Accidentally Throws it on Himself Instead series:

So flippin' satisfying. Artistically, I mean. Not a mean-spirited-laughing-because-I-warned-Rob-he-might-burn-himself kind of satisfying. (Kind of.) (For the most part.) (Meanest wife ever.)

Curious about my family? Check out THE BEST CHRISTMAS PHOTO OF ALL TIME.
(And prepare to leave even more confused...)


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