September 20, 2013

The Biscuit

Most of the time I'm fairly upbeat, laughing at anything remotely funny and everything mildly inappropriate. But a girl can't be happy all of the time, especially when she's at a Christmas party that lost its dazzle at hour 4 but her husband is primed to stay another 3 hours. ....Aaaand cue the questionable illustrations!

I pulled out the good paper for this. Hold onto your hats.

O'Doul's is such a downer.

Yes, a stowaway biscuit.

[Moment of silence for the biscuit who sacrificed its buttery goodness to put my life perspective back in balance.]

Was it boredom? Insane hormones? Being drunk off non-alcoholic beer? I'm not sure, but I had never seen anything so funny in my entire life and laughed until I induced contractions. And then I proceeded to watch that pierced biscuit make its way through the crowds of people for the next two hours while I continued to laugh.

Perspective is always a good thing.

Want some more quality art? Here you go! (Prepared to be underwhelmed.)


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