July 21, 2013

Forever and Ever, Amen.

16 years ago, Rob saw a girl walking, announced to his friends that he was going to marry her, then ran half way across campus to ask her out.

16 years ago, I was walking to freshman orientation when some sweaty guy ran along side of me and, while violently trying to catch his breath from running half way across campus, asked me out.

Little did I know that I'd be marrying that guy, the weirdo I turned down for a date, a mere four years later. That we'd be camping together. Buying a house together. Raising children together. Celebrating romantic anniversaries together.

Which completely explains why we're spending most of our 12-year anniversary day apart, because by "romantic anniversaries" I mean "romantic unless something practical takes precedence anniversaries." And by "something practical" I mean "a bookcase." Because we're nerds like that.

Yes, our anniversary has been trumped by a giant bookcase we bought yesterday at an antique store.

Rob, taking the brunt of a somewhat convoluted plan we hatched at the last minute, spent the night away with his brother in order to transport our new bookcase home. I texted "Happy anniversary!" this morning, and then he texted back "I will get home to you as soon as I can. ;)" this morning, to which I responded, "Only if you don't wreck the bookcase on the way home."


Happy anniversary, Rob! I love you!

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