November 26, 2012

This Thanksgiving I...

Went for some family walks.

Ate birthday cake decorated by garage sale disco figurines.

Slaughtered this song.

Did this to Jillian's hair.

Hung some family members upside-down in the bathroom and took pictures.

 Went to a house concert of Duke Otherwise and watched Rob get volunteered to do this.

"Fatified" family members...with a quality backdrop and hand-held desk lamp lighting.

Sat and laughed, completely dumbstruck, by this puzzling Christmas present.

***important post-publishing factoid from sister Jane: You forgot an important point- the candles that mom used on Pete's cake were from a garage sale. And by "garage sale," I mean that they had been half burned and licked clean by another family, wagered and bought by our mom, and then reused on a Halloween-inspired funfetti cake, and then licked clean once again by the our clan. Nothing like swapping spit with some unknown garage sale-loving family.
***important post-factoid note from me: By "Halloween-inspired," Jane really means a box of Halloween funfetti cake that went on clearance after Halloween. The store probably paid my mom to walk out with it once all her double coupons went into effect. Nothing but the best for you, Pete. Happy birthday.