July 06, 2012

RIP, Orange Cat

It's not often I spend an entire day crying. But when you find out your cat probably has either congestive heart failure or kidney failure at 8:20am, sometimes you spend an entire day crying.

Orange Cat got to eat as much tuna as she wanted. She got a free pass from 100-degree outdoor banishment (in other words, she got to pee on our laundry room floor as much as her poor heart desired). She got lots of snuggles and petting sessions - so much so that she was choking on her purrs when we packed her up in her carrier for the dreaded appointment this afternoon.

And The Spawn of Satan, while still purring under my loving fingertips, got the last word in life as she sank her fangs into the veterinary aid's arm while the vet was administering the sedative.

Atta girl.

And now I'm ending this horrible day in tearful laughter. We loved you Orange. You were the best and softest cat that no one except five or six people in the world ever got to pet.

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