January 18, 2012

For the love of Zenith!

So my mom found an old sketchbook of mine over Christmas, and we all had a laugh over one page - a sketch of our old Zenith TV.
I was 11 when I drew this. I was 18 when I first discovered other people had things called remotes.
 Kids, you see that square waaaay inside the other squares? That was the screen. The 12-inch screen.

And you see my little sister standing randomly in the room with one arm outstretched to the TV's bunny ears while everyone else is watching a show? She was bribed with candy to stand there and not move so channel 47 could come in clearly.

And for some reason, even though 100% of our family wore glasses, my parents arranged the living room in such a way that it was impossible to see the TV.
I know you're jealous of my architecture drafting skills.
 The only way to watch TV was to turn the rocking chair around and push it forward until it was 2-inches from the armoire. Forget sitting on the couch. Except if you were my mom.

So here's me, circa 1995.
The good old days...when wearing a scrunchie wasn't socially stigmatizing. I can't say the same for the robe-on-clothes.

And here's my mom, lounging 35 feet away from the TV on the couch.
Again, I know the quality of this art is quite overwhelming.
And these are the true events of one Friday night in high school:
30 minutes later....

That was the end of Dances with Wolves. I stormed upstairs and sketched a scene of my mom being speared and scalped by Kicking Bird worked on homework. As a result, I apologize for the inaccuracy of my subtitling as I never saw the whole movie, not on the Zenith or on the real TV my parents bought as soon as I left for college.

Oh, Zenith, how we loved you. I will cherish our 3-2-1 Contact, Little House on the Prairie, and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? times. I will grab your foil-balled-for-clearer-reception antennae in my heart once more.

And then I'll probably pick up the remote for my high def TV and stream a Netflix show into my living room and get over it. Breaking Bad, anyone?

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Jennifer F. said...

This is genius!  I think it might be my favorite post, I am laughing so hard!