December 07, 2011

What? You wanted to buy me something for Christmas? Well, in that case...

So Rob got me an awesome hat. And I'm fairly sure he'd be wearing it if he weren't afraid his brothers would punch him for doing so. Seriously, he probably picked it up to stroke it admire it a good twelve times before I got a chance to wear it camping. I'd have to agree, it's pretty kick-butt.
I mean, really. Is there anything more hardcore while camping? Or anytime, really.
Although I'm not sure it gave me much tough-mom street cred when Silas decided to be a gremlin while hiking and needed a stern scolding.
However, my niece Reagan emailed me something this week that has caused much strife in the bond between Owl Hat and me. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm having an emotional affair.
You can click on the photo for the link. To buy the pattern. To make for me for Christmas.

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Marcia said...

I had a dream last night that Georgia was about 8 years old and covered with facial hair--really hairy.  In the middle of the night it didn't make sense, but this morning I remembered I'd read this post of yours.  Must of knit that cap right onto G in my dreams!