November 05, 2011

A Halloween Story. You'll cry your eyes out, kid.

The day started off like any other...

A half-naked pre-breakfast reading of The Sibley Guide to Trees.

Then I had a strong itch to laugh at my children more than I already do.

Then we had a fancy shmancy lunch of Trick or Cheesy Kraft Mac & Cheese, 
which earned me "best, best, BEST mom" award for the next month. My kids - deprived??

FINALLY, it was time to dress up!

And get into character.

(A mustache this magnificent requires some posing.)

Silas then spent some moments reflecting on the awesomeness of the stache

...and perfecting the stache twitch.

At the end of the night, it was the same story over and over:
he found himself irresistible to the feline population.
(Look at him all grim and blasé. "Yeah, yeah. British jungle explorers are a hot commodity these days.
Let's leave a little for the other ladies, mmkay?")

And then I ate 42 pounds of candy. And apparently grew my own mustache.

The End.

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