October 21, 2011

Gouda times, Gouda times

Fridays pre-kids:

Drink wine and sake-lemonade mixers, eat slices off a block of tasty Gouda, nibble on dried okra while scanning restaurant coupons for somewhere good to eat.

Eat somewhere good.

Hang out with friends, play some cards, stay up too late.

Fridays post-kids:

Kids eat an obscene amount of sliced somewhat costly Gouda and sneak not exactly cheap dried okra while we search through the sippy cups and apple sauce pouches for wine glasses and adult beverages.

Silas drinks a large gulp of lemonade when Rob's back is turned. . . lemonade that may or may not have contained a healthy dose of sake.

Feed kids hot dogs and grapes while we attempt to eat any remaining obscure remnants of cheese and okra.

Play the most chaotic game of Sorry! ever. Chastise Silas for bombing Sorry! pieces with his own. Chastise Silas for repeatedly lying on the game board. Chastise Silas for toots so fetid we have to keep pausing the game for gulps of fresh air.

Put the kids to bed too early but keep them busy enough they don't stop to look at the clock and notice.

Send Rob for Chicken Express while I write a mournful blog entry. Eat questionable chicken in front of a few TV shows before we go to bed at 9.

Living the high life, but I wouldn't trade it for a million bucks. Well . . . maybe for my block of Gouda back. But that's beside the point.


Sharon (Mommy Joys) said...

This made me laugh! I completely relate! But you're right, despite all the chaos kids generate and how much they change our lives, most of the changes are for the better, and the kids are more than worth the inconveniences. (Besides, those inconveniences give us something funny to write about, right?)

cobandrob said...

Sharon: I love your blog, your kids are adorable, and I think you're spot-on about the fiber content of mayonnaise. :) My life was so much less funny (and blessed) before kids. And, yeah, their little warm-body hugs are pretty good, too. :)