September 26, 2011

Smooth criminal

So this weekend I got an email from my mom.

Subject: Kendall is upstairs in his room . . .
. . . secretly dancing to a Michael Jackson CD that he asked Dad to get him from the library.  He (once again) has his shirt on backwards.  Can't we fast forward 10 years?

A few observations (while I laugh again for the fifteenth time):

a) My brother is 13 and thinks doing gawky, limbs-akimbo somersaults off the couch is a valid form of entertainment. Oh, and he recently discovered the impossible-to-resist raggae lure of Coco Jumbo. Scandalous.

b) He asked my dad to secure said CD from the library. Not surprising, as my family loves recycling and nature walks and PBS and libraries. But the funny thing is that my dad came through for Kendall, which brings me such delight.

c) Forget Lil Wayne or Jay-Z. No. Kendall (after tiring of Mr. President) went straight to the bad boy himself, M. Jackson. And danced. Secretly. Alone in his room. With his shirt on backwards.

Greatness. On so many levels.

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