May 28, 2011

The randomest girl in the world

Jannika. Oh, Jannika. My sweet, complicated child with the stubbornness of a mule and an imagination that can't be contained. While her little girl friends are drawing princesses and flowers and butterflies, Jannika is drawing the most random items I could name. Enjoy some of my favorites from the past year:

Silas, the monster alien

 A birdhouse

 A sailing ship in a storm

 A haystack

 A jam-making machine

 Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster

Nutria (yep, go google it - it's real)
 A twisty water slide

 A Venus Flytrap

An owl

Grape jelly toast

1 comment:

Kim Modak said...

She seems to be a recipient of the gene--that one I've joked about kicking a puppy to have been blessed with--passed from your mother to you, Coby.  I'm torn between Silas, the jam-making machine, and Nutria, although for some reason I find myself craving grape toast for the first time in years.  Really great stuff.  I'm off to find my crayons!