May 15, 2011

Deep Thoughts by Jack

After a sermon at church about prejudice and then a frank and honest follow-up discussion tonight in our small group, I would like to conclude this thought-provoking day with a terrific little clip taken years ago at our cottage at Au Sable. I now present Deep Thoughts by Jack.

Try to look past the following elements:
a) the 5 gallons of lotion used up
b) the fact that my mom couldn't (and still can't) figure out how to turn off her cell's speakerphone
c) the persistent 1985 video game music
d) the wood paneling

And in case you can't look past any combination of these elements, here is the official Deep Thoughts by Jack transcript:
"I scratched some more...right there, right there. [lotion rubbing pause] My black skin is coming back!! [lotion rubbing pause while my dad laughs] Yeah, I really am black! [pause to examine skin] Oh yeah, I'm brown. [pause to consider whether to pump more lotion] How come humans always have to have color? Yeah, I'm brown! You're white! [now really getting into it] You're white! I'm brown. Mel's...uhhh, I think he's black. I'm just guessing that he's black. [more lotion pumped and rubbed]"

Ahhh, love that little guy! (In case you missed it, read some more funny gems by my brothers in Oh, Brother.)


Gary Hogan said...


Sarah T. said...

Kids are so Funny as they figure things out. I love it!! 

Kim Modak said...

out of the mouths of babes...laughing through tears as i watch. Would that we all could see so clearly