March 14, 2011

Rob Folds Laundry, Part Trois

Rob folding laundry:

1. Silently drags basket into the living room.  This is completely self-initiated with absolutely no prompting on my end. The kids, thinking he's going to start some wild laundry basket game (not unheard of in our house), jump into the laundry, flatting it permanently into wrinkles. I, somewhat taken aback by the sudden randomness of this kind act, start calculating just how long the clean laundry's been sitting in the basket and whether I've exceeded my usual two (*cough* three) days...

2. Holds up a pair of Jannika's underwear and asks me, "Are these yours?"

3. Pairs up socks that vaguely resemble each other. But at least the colors sort of match?

4. Asks, "Where would you like your underwear?" And I pause, unsure if this is a trick question, and finally offer, "Maybe in my underwear drawer?" He nods his head like, yup, that's probably a good place.

5. Leaves the room with laundry piles on the floor in order to put things away in our closet. Silas, thinking this is a great game of helping fun, picks up folded items and follows dad, dropping everything into messy piles as he trots to our bedroom.

But you know what? The laundry is folded. AND put away...with only minimal future sock re-pairing. In the meantime, I'm left with extreme feelings of love toward my husband and mildly confusing thoughts whether to be complimented or offended by the fact that he really thought my rear could fit into kiddie-sized underwear.

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