March 09, 2011

I'm finished.

So I am writing a second blog entry entirely to prove to myself (well, and my husband) that I am completely capable of finishing a task. Yes, I am fully aware that "finishing" a blog is like "finishing" raising my kids or "finishing" improving my husband or "finishing" Lost; however, two blog entries are double the amount of one. And that, in my book, is huge. Huge.

My life is overflowing with unfinished projects. I have two walls that I never finished painting in my living room - please don't look closely now. (In my defense, I was painting Heavy Cream on top of some nondescript dirty white - booooring! - and I got super tired of man-handling a 25-foot ladder and subjecting myself to certain death each time I'd climb that sucker with tape, paintbrush and paint cup in hand. Hands that were already sweatily-gripping ladder rungs. As I said, certain death.) I also have unfinished oil paintings sitting in a closet somewhere. I have unfinished baby books. And labeled sand jars. And piles of papers to file. I once decided in college I was going to fill my Bible with handwritten notes instead of plain ol' highlighting. So I started while reading the Psalms. Know how far I got? Psalm 7. (Consequently, I am now unable to actually read Psalms 1-7 because of underlines and arrows and boxes and notes. Instead I can only identify such hand-written gems as "strong verb = strong feelings" and "God & evil don't mix" (actually, that "don't" was double-underlined, but let's just keep moving on, shall we?) ...I can now safely report I'm back on the highlighting bandwagon, saving myself much intellectual self-loathing when I reread passages years later.) Oh, and do you know how long it took me to finish loading my favorite songs onto the iPhone I've owned almost four years now? Well...I'll tell you when I finally do it. Because that means I'd have to finish organizing my songs on iTunes.

So now that you're fully aware of my handicap (and I'm fully overwhelmed, once again, by the enormity of tasks I still have to complete), you can rejoice with me in the fact that this blog entry is. now. finished. Rob, I know you'd be proud except for the fact I could have finished installing the odometer on your bike in the time it took me to type this...

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